Since 2867, TBAC protects every citizen of the UEE. From ancient Earth to the edge of the galaxy. From civilian over industrial to military support, we of TBAC provide anything to make the galaxy a better and safer place.


Our Mission

TBAC is an originally British armada which was transformed to an organisation amidst chaos. Over time TBAC has grown to encompass 18 different nationalities from all over Europe and some beyond. Being friendly and supporting towards each other are the key aspects that define our organisation. You’ve got a problem? We are happy to help you out.We offer everything from normal and peaceful game-play over specialised sectors (military, industry and civilian) to action packed gun- and dogfights.While freedom of choice is one of the foundations of TBAC we expect you to follow orders if they are given from higher officers. We may be no armada any longer but we inherited the military traditions from our ancestors.


We have vowed ourselves to the protection and support of every citizen of the ‘verse. To repay our debts to the glorious 600 who where lost. Together we will build a brighter future for everyone. Through military might, industrial power and civilian support we guarantee peace and prosperity amongst the stars. Everyone is welcome to join our ranks as long as you follow the rules. With united might we have endured and united we shall prevail.


TBAC is being led by our Fleet Admiral @Puffer and our Organisation Founder @FoolishBi-PolarBear who has ultimate authority over everything. Admirals, Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals report directly to them. After the Admirals come the Captains, Commanders, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenants and Ensigns followed by honour guests, VIP’s and affiliates. While we follow this structure, we aim to work with each other on every level. When you support other members or the org directly you may be promoted to the next rank. Demotion does not always mean that you’ve done bad things. Members in the org move up and down very often. We appreciate help and support but remember that your real life comes first.