Sectors Program Overview

The Sector program is a program by TBAC to help members find their place in the org and in the ‘verse. While not being needed to participate in events it is highly recommended, especially for new members, to at least try the program out. More experienced officers guide you around the sectors and show you everything you need to know. Special events are organised by the sectors high command. Races, Ground engagements and trading runs are just some examples of the events you could be a part of. Of course you are not prohibited from joining these events when you are not joining the sector program but it does have some benefits ranging from special training, roles and badges.

Please check out our dedicated Discord channel for more information on how to join the sector program.



The armoured branch of TBAC. Citizens who were born into the verse to kill and are looking for combat action, PvP & group operations are welcome to join the military sector. Whether you want to aid fellow troops in combat missions with your space ship or want to safeguard our brave mining/smuggling pilots the Military Sector is everything you've ever dreamt about! If you don't have those skills we will help train you to be the best Pilot, Marine or Special Forces operative you can be. Turn your name RED and join the military, help protect your Org mates, bring justice to the verse and generally have fun shooting shit.



Citizens who were born into the verse to make money, trade goods, mine rare minerals, haul cargo or want to research & build their way through the solar system, every organisation needs money men to keep the engines running and the QT flowing... Turn your name GREEN and join the Industrial Sector, network with other miners to find the best deposits, discuss trade routes and find the most profitable runs, there are lots of ways to make money in the game, if you ask the Military nicely they might just escort your ass across the galaxy.



As a sector you will hear others in ENVY make remarks about our Taxi Fleet, but we are so much more than that! With every other sector relying on us its easy to confuse envy with disrespect. We are, in most part everything from a TAXI to the floating bazaar, resupplying the fleet. We keep our VIP’s safe, find missing Personnel, Heal the Sick, Police our Citizens and even Explore the Verse gaining valuable information which can be used or sold. We are the Government, the Wealthy, the Respected and above all the Face of T.B.A.C with our Diplomats and Racing Heroes. Our Intel decides Wars. We work Directly for the FLEET ADMIRAL, and keeping us safe we have the Military Sector, Gathering what we need is the Industrial Sector. You see my friends, we are the glue of...