The Industrial Sector has risen!

On the 7th of August 2049 the Industrial Sector of TBAC has conducted the greatest logistical and merchantile effort ever undertaken by this organization.

By hauling cargo across the Stanton System, the Industrial Sector has supplied stations and outpost with much needed supplies and therefore helped countless citizens. They provided these citizens with medicine, food and other necessities that were in short supply at this time.

While imperial and private logistic corps and companies still battled over shipping rights, TBAC stepped in to help the people of Stanton. And in their selfless effort they accumulated the great sum of 1.2 million UEC. This money, gained trough hard labour, will help TBAC expand and prosper in a way that has never been imagined before. Rumor has it that the higher ups are planning on expanding the fleet of the organisation but rumors stay rumors and only time can tell what they have planed.

We also should celebrate the brave and selfless support the Military Sector provided for their comrades during this operation. They defended their brethren with their lives and warded off any pilots that had malicious intentions. May their glory grow steadily through this display of honour and skill.

A member of our organisation, codenamed “Banksy”, had this to say: “Great night tonight, […]. Thanks to the Military Sector giving us fighter cover. […]. I hope we get more people to take part in this effort to help our organisation.”

It is unclear when the next operation will take place and of what scale it will be but the Industrial Sector has made it clear that they are able to pull of great things when they work together.

May their efforts never be forgotten.

This was brought to you by the head of the Administration

Glory to Britannia

Glory to TBAC