Relief for Stanton

On the 14th of August 2949 the Industrial Sector has conducted another trading operation in the Stanton System. With the support of the Citizen and Military Sector the participating members have accumulated a sum of 100.000 (a)UEC per participating member.

During this operation TBAC has helped to avoid a total logistical and economical collapse. While the Empire was again lacking in the logistical department, TBAC stepped in to save the people of our star system. They transported medicine to the wounded and sick, food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. Only the cooperation of our great members has prevented the total collapse of the Stanton industry. Where minerals were needed TBAC transport ships brought supplies and where supplies couldnā€™t be shipped out TBAC provided a helping hand.

During this operation three of our members have proven themselves. These members, in the following only called by their codenames, have shown our higher ranking officers that they are capable of handling strenuous and sometimes dangerous situations on their own. With their amazing help the operation went much smoother and TBAC has become more effective. As a reward for their actions TBAC High Command has decided to promote these brave and honorable souls.

MonsterError, who was a Reservist before, has been promoted to the Ensign position.

Trampfeatures, who was an Ensign before, has been promoted to the position of Lieutenant.

Noximilien Caldero, who was a Lieutenant before, has been promoted to the position of Lt. Commander.

The Administration and High Command see great potential in these people and we hope that they keep their good work up. These three souls are great examples of honour, bravery and comradery.

Rumors say that the next operation of this kind is already in the planning phase. When new information is released the Administration will notify the Citizens and Members of TBAC immediately.

The people of Stanton are again very thankful for the help that TBAC has provided and hope that we continue to support them.

This was brought to you by the head of the Administration

Glory to Britannia

Glory to TBAC