Remembrance of the Sacrifice

Through the course of human history the remembrance of great heroes and legends has been a tradition practiced by many cultures. Be these legends Kings, Warriors or Politicians. And so we of TBAC shall do the same in honour of the legendary 600 who gave their lifes for humanity.
— Fleet Admiral Julia Scandrow in her opening speech on the first Remembrance of the Sacrifice Day 2867

The tradition of remembering the sacrifice of the 600 who bravely faced the Tevarin enemy comes from the earliest days of the organisation. Right after the founding of TBAC High Command announced the Remembrance of the Sacrifice as a yearly tradition to never forget those who sacrificed their lives for the future of Humanity and to inspire young officers and soldiers to do their best to maybe some day become legends themselves.

On the 15th of February every year on every outpost and every ship of TBAC all work is being stopped as the broadcast of the Directorate announces the beginning of the Remembrance of the Sacrifice. 600 seconds of silence, one second for every soul that bravely gave their live for Humanity. After the 600 seconds of silence our Fleet Admiral will hold a speech about the current state of the organisation, our current goals and alliances. Furthermore the Fleet Admiral thanks all members of TBAC for their service to the organisation and commemorates every brave soul that gave their life for the cause.

Most notable are the special uniforms issued to every member of TBAC for this special day. A uniform coloured black and gold with the coin of TBAC on the left side of the chest. Each member is expected to wear that uniform the whole day to show respect for the fallen.

May their sacrifice never be forgotten

This message was brought to you by the head of Administration

Glory to Britannia

Glory to TBAC