It all started when…

Every coin is casted out of the remains of the Londinium.
A reminder of our sacrifices and a symbol of strength

Everything has to sides and so does the coin of TBAC. First given to the members of the Glory of Britannia his royal majesty it is a symbol of deeds and loyalty to the royal family. After the fall of the Londinium and the re-emerging of the armada as TBAC every member carried a coin and every new member gets his own coin, casted and forged out of the remains of the Londinium. 
The 60 of the 64 dots with which the back of the coin is marked are representing the 600 fallen that we lost during Fleet Marshal Alexander’s last stand. The hands represent unity. The unity of a brotherhood that survived through fire and flames. A brotherhood that, even when facing demise, served loyal and without fear.
But we not only shall remember the fallen but also the date 2541. The year when we lost our comrades and friends. This is encompassed by the 2 sides, 5 hands, 4 remaining dots and our strong unity. 
Remember the date. Remember the fallen.
But this coin is more than a reminder of our past. It stands for our present and future too. A endless circle of never ending unity that connects and binds us all. 
The rank at the top reminds its carrier of his own commitment to TBAC and the recognition, respect and trust that has been bestowed upon him be it Fleet Marshal, General or Private. We are protectors of the circle as we stand above it. We have vowed our lives to the protection of this eternal circle.

The wings represent our rules, values and deeds which are defended by the shield while the man in the middle represents the carrier. The individual is the centre. This is the very foundation this unity was founded upon. 
The circle is us. We are TBAC. Every single one of us. We are unity. We are a belief. We are a way of life. We are a family.